Finally, a cure for hay fever?

Hay fever sufferers plagued by itchy eyes and a runny nose this summer may find relief in a powder produced from pine trees.

The cellulose nasal spray forms a barrier over the membrane, lining the nose and filtering out allergens like tree and flower pollen.

More people have been using cellulose sprays in recent years such as Care Allergy Defence and Nazaleze. However, there has been a shortage of scientific proof that they work.

Now scientists at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden say they have proven that the spray does reduce symptoms of hay fever, otherwise known as seasonal allergic rhinitis, especially among children.

Associate professor Nils Ã…berg, said: 'The cellulose powder has no adverse effects, and this fact makes it a particularly attractive treatment for children. It is used increasingly in many countries, but there is until now no scientific study proving the efficacy of the cellulose powder in children during the pollen season.'

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