Eating strawberries could help stave off effects of ageing

It's the news that Wimbledon tennis fans have been waiting for - eating strawberries could help stave off ageing and even prevent cancer.

New research reveals that eating the fruit helps boost antioxidant levels in the blood.

Higher levels of antioxidants have been found to combat the effects of oxidative stress, lessening the effects of ageing and even the chances of contracting diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Spanish and Italian researchers fed 12 healthy volunteers half a kilo of strawberries over two weeks. They took blood samples from volunteers after four, eight, 12 and 16 days, and also a month later.

Results, published in journal Chemistry, showed that eating strawberries regularly can boost levels of antioxidants in the blood and also help prevent red blood cells undergoing haemolysis, a process which sees them fragmenting.

Scientists from Marche Polytechnic University in Italy and the University of Granada in Spain say that the power of strawberries lies in the high levels of phenolic compounds they contain, which have antioxidant properties.

Source - Daily Mail

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