Don't pop pills... just grow peonies

You wake early. It's raining. You've lost your job. Maybe you drank too much the night before. But this is worse than a hangover. You feel as if a black dog is sitting on your shoulder.

Your doctor has told you, as if you didn't know, that you're suffering from depression, a condition that can turn everything black. So how do you get out of it before it turns into a serious downward spiral? Is there any alternative to a handful of pills?

Well, you might try growing sweet peas up a wigwam of canes.

Art therapy, music therapy and exercise therapy have been around for a long time, but garden therapy is a newer idea — though every retired person with time on their hands who heads out to a bed of roses after breakfast is probably practising it.

If you're suffering from empty nest syndrome, the children having fled home, then nothing fills it quicker than an overflowing flowerbed. Now the NHS is backing a trial scheme at Mayfield Garden Nursery in Southampton, where people feeling as if the sun's gone in go looking for brightness in the garden.

Source - Daily Mail

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