British black raspberry superfood will help prevent cancer

A new superfood – black raspberries that have been grown in Britain – will go on sale today.

The variety, which has been named Mac Black, apparently has a more intense flavour than traditional red varieties. Perhaps more importantly, it is also said to include relatively high levels of compounds which scientists have identified as helping to prevent cancer.

The Mac Blacks are rich in ellagic acid, anthocyanins and antioxidants, and have been called the ‘king of berries’ for their superior health benefits. Antioxidants are said to help destroy free radicals, the harmful molecules which gather in the body and can damage cells.

Studies at Ohio State University have found significant decreases in colon tumours in rats and oesophageal tumours in mice fed a diet with black raspberries. Studies have shown that extracts of raspberries and blackberries may slow the growth of breast, cervical, colon and oesophageal cancers.

Clinical trials have begun to assess the effects of black raspberries on colon and oesophageal cancers in humans.

Source - Daily Mail

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