Nature's gastric bands


All fruit and vegetables are high satiety (or filling) foods that contain a lot of water, air and fibre to produce ‘full-up’ signals in the small intestine — but research has shown apples are particularly effective for weight watchers.

Once digested, they produce the hormone GLP-1, which sends signals to the brain to persuade you into thinking you are full up.

One U.S. study showed people ate 15 per cent fewer calories after having an apple before a main meal. Apparently, the trick is to eat high-satiety foods at the beginning of a meal so you feel fuller early on and don’t compensate later by eating more.

TIP: Eat one medium-sized apple 15 minutes before meals to help regulate your appetite.


Feeling the burn could be the best way to get bikini ready, but it doesn’t have to mean hours sweating in the gym. Recent research found that sprinkling just half a teaspoon of chopped-up red chilli peppers on meals can curb your appetite.

Scientists discovered Capsaicin — the element responsible for giving chilli peppers their heat — reduces hunger pangs, while increasing energy levels.

Source - Daily Mail

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