Diet, fitness and health have become an obsession

For those of us who can afford to worry about it, rather than worrying about where the next meal is coming from, diet, fitness and health have become an obsession, shrewdly fed by the press, who now give over lumps of newsprint to "Good Health" advice. Which would be dandy, if the advice wasn't so contradictory.

What is the benighted health fiend to make this week of a full page devoted to the pros and cons of coffee? According to a Greek study, one cup of coffee a day could reduce your blood pressure – although British research says it could keep you awake all night, which, according to the Japanese, is bad for your heart. Almost as bad, the Spaniards say, as getting out of bed too quickly. Two cups of coffee a day, says the University of Florida, could keep Alzheimer's at bay, but, according to the French, could be dangerous if you're pregnant.

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