Cars could be banned from residential roads to allow children to play

Anne Milton said that she had been looking at a scheme in operation in South America, where roads were closed to traffic on Sundays.

She told MPs that the idea, which began in Colombia, could help tackle childhood obesity.

During a debate in Westminster Hall, Mrs Milton said: "On Sundays, they close certain streets so that everybody can play in them. That is an outstanding idea. Before constituents email to complain about their streets closing, I should say that I accept it would not work everywhere. It could, however, work in some places."

Mrs Milton said that the latest Department of Health figures showed that 28 per cent of children aged between two and 10 in England were overweight or obese, along with 61 per cent of adults. A quarter of 10 and 11 year olds were obese, putting them at risk from conditions such as diabetes. Ministers are due to set out a strategy for tackling obesity by the summer.

A spokesman for the AA said that caution needed to be taken to ensure that motorists were not inconvenienced by road closures.

Source - Telegraph


  1. I know it's not strictly a 'herbal' thing but I do feel very strongly that this is the way to go.
    Oh - and as to the comment from the AA at the bottom of this -he should be ashamed of himself!!!!

  2. Anonymous9:40 am

    There is a time and place for everything. Ridiculous idea. Such manipulated schemes to remove cars off the road will fail.

  3. Sorry Anonymous, you're wrong. Just look at Freiburg in Breisgau, Germany. It is a medieval university town with a population of 200,000, there are about 10,000 car free areas. Got to love it for trying.