Organic food could make you fat

It is the preferred fare of millions of health-conscious Britons. But eating organic food could make you fat, experts have warned.

A study has shown that people tend to assume that organic foods - particularly snacks - contain fewer calories that their conventionally-produced counterparts, so buy and eat more. For those for whom buying organic is a treat, this is unlikely to have any major consequences. But people who decide to ‘go organic’, could soon find themselves piling on the pounds.

The warning comes from American researchers who investigated whether the sight of an organic label was enough to imbue a food with a range of desirable attributes. Almost 150 shoppers were asked to taste what they thought were conventionally and organically-produced chocolate biscuits, yoghurts and crisps. In fact, all of the products were organic but some had just been deliberately mis-labelled.

Source - Daily Mail


  1. If someone is that serious about losing weight or watching calories, don't assume anything, always check.

    You can't blame the producers of the food as all the values are on the packaging.

  2. Ooh! Dan I think you can! It's not about producing food as in growing. It's about manufacturing as in making as much money from cheap ingredients as possible.
    That is not to deny our own personal responsibility for our health!