'Text don't call' Government tells mobile phone users for first time

Mobile phone users have been advised by the Government for the first time to text or use hands free kits rather than make calls. The Department of Health said this would reduce the user's exposure to radiation.

In the first update to the UK Mobile Phones and Health leaflet since 2005, health officials added that further research is needed into the long-term effects of using mobile phones. It stated there had been no 'clear evidence of adverse health effects' from the use of mobiles or from phone masts. However, it added: 'As people have only been using mobile phones for relatively few years, the HPA advises that more research be carried out, especially to investigate whether there might be longer term effects.'

The UK Chief Medical Officer restated previous advice that children under the age of 16 should only use mobile phones for 'essential purposes' and should 'keep calls short.' This was described as a 'precautionary' move as teenagers' body and nervous systems are still developing.

The latest advice comes just weeks after a £15m Interphone study, that found radio waves from mobiles appear to boost activity in parts of the brain closest to the devices' antennas.

Source - Daily Mail

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