Gardening makes you happy ... and can even keep you healthy

After a tough day getting the garden ready for spring, you may beg to differ.

Yet that aching back and those stiff muscles are, apparently, a good sign because a physical workout in the garden is said to help you feel younger. Researchers in two new studies reckon that tending your plot exercises the brain, giving you more energy and a ‘zest for life’.

Over-50s who enjoy digging, planting and pruning are more likely to be organised and optimistic than non-gardeners. They have healthier lifestyles and eat more vegetables, whether or not they grow them.

Previous research has shown that gardening is one of the best ways of keeping active in later life. But among the less well-known benefits is that people who garden feel they have a better quality of life.

Researchers from two universities in Texas analysed the activity and attitudes of almost 300 men and women over 50, splitting them into gardeners and non-gardeners.

Source - Daily Mail

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