Organic produce 'not as good for your health'

The organic 'back to nature' approach to gardening - doing away with artificial chemicals - will not deliver healthier or more tasty produce, it is claimed.

A controversial new study from Which? Gardening suggests produce grown using modern, artificial, methods may well be better for you. The claims follow a two year study growing potatoes, broccoli and tomatoes and will alarm producers and consumers who put their faith in natural food.

Organic bodies have rejected the claims, insisting the trial was too small to offer meaningful results. However, they will come as a severe blow to the industry's reputation. The non-organic broccoli or calabrese was found to have significantly higher levels of antioxidants than the organically grown samples.

Antioxidants are beneficial chemicals that are said to improve general health and help prevent cancer. The research found the non-organic potatoes contained more Vitamin C than the organic crop.

Source - Daily Mail

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