Asthmatic Olympic hopeful, 18, gets her breath back

A talented athlete whose sporting career was thrown into jeopardy after she was diagnosed with asthma has got her breath back thanks to pioneering treatment.

Hannah Lupton, 18, of Preston, has been doing athletics for almost 10 years and is showing great promise as a heptathlete. The teenager, who lives with parents Janine and Aidan and has three sisters and a brother, is aiming to qualify for the Great Britain under-20s team. But a few years ago Hannah started to struggle with her training sessions and felt like she could not finish them.

Hannah, who is studying sports, biology and chemistry at Preston's Cardinal Newman College, said: 'I felt out-of-breath and dizzy, breathless and a bit panicky. I just could not understand what was happening.'

Doctors diagnosed Hannah with sports-induced asthma as they realised the condition was only brought on when she was exercising and prescribed her with inhalers. However, Hannah found these did not help much.

Source - Daily Mail

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