Understanding spiritual healing - and dispelling the myths

We all have energy flows within ourselves which, when blocked, can result in physical symptoms. Through Spiritual Healing the mind, body and spirit are accessed, negative energy and physical and emotional blocks are released and all the energy systems of the body are balanced. And through this, good health can be restored.

Spiritual Healers have different gifts but broadly we link with the healing energy that exists and direct it to the patient. My own gift involves channelling; this is a very powerful form of healing and works in a natural intuitive way.

Spiritual Healing is for everyone, however young or old. Animals too!

I have helped patients with bereavement, family break-up, rejection, stress and self-acceptance. I also work on the physical and, for example, have worked with a gardener whose painful foot was making it difficult for him to walk and released the back problems of a client who came to me with emotional problems.

Source - Mature Times

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