Green tea: a delight to drink - and it's good for you

Scientific research in the last few years – printed in some very august publications - depicts Green Tea as one of those “wonder foods” that can improve our resistance to everything from Alzheimer’s and cancer to cardiovascular disease and obesity.

Japan and China, where the incidence of all those conditions is markedly lower than in Western society, have been big drinkers of the stuff for many hundreds of years. Green Tea is also, speaking from personal experience, a really refreshing drink – and, with no need for milk or sugar, not one to detrimentally affect your waistline either. No wonder huge numbers of us in the West are making the switch from other beverages.

Source - Mature Times


  1. Anyone know how much caffeine is usually in green tea?

  2. It depends on the tea (younger leaves contain more caffeine) and how long you brew it for. Also if you reuse the same tea leaves the amount of caffeine is reduced. You can reckon on about 32 mg2 per 100ml. It is possible to buy green tea with a reduced caffeine content.