Alternative treatment for headache

BESIDES medication, other forms of treatments are being sought after by headache sufferers, either as alternative or complementary therapies.

According to Mayo Clinic On Headache, the US National Institutes of Health states that acupuncture can play a useful role in controlling headaches and other conditions that cause chronic pain. It explained that acupuncture works on the premise that our health depends on the free circulation of blood and the energy, qi, in our body. Qi flows through the body along 14 pathways called meridians. When this flow is interrupted, illness comes about.

Acupuncture needles inserted along these meridians is believed to remove blockages. Acupuncture is also said to help release natural painkillers and other chemicals in the central nervous system.

Datuk Dr Rajen M, a pharmacist with a doctorate in holistic medicine, listed the top three therapies for headaches as acupuncture, chiropractic treatment and massages like shiatsu and pressure massage.

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