Noise at work: bad for heart

Predictably, the particular sounds that cause problems are those that are persistent and so loud that you can't have a conversation without raising your voice.

Canadian researchers just published a study demonstrating that too much noise at work can more than double the risk of heart disease. The investigators, from the School of Environmental Health at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, collected data on more than 6,300 people age 20 and older. All the participants had taken part in a U.S. National Health and Nutrition Examination survey between 1999 and 2004, and the study team asked them about their lifestyle and occupational health, as well as providing physical exams and blood tests.

Most of those who reported working in noisy surroundings were men whose average age was 40. The researchers noted that compared to study participants who worked in quiet environments, the men tended to be overweight and to smoke, both risk factors for heart disease.

But even when those risks from lifestyle were taken into account, the men who worked in noisy environments were two to three times more likely to have serious heart problems than a comparable group who worked in quiet places. We'll need more studies to confirm these findings, but the researchers speculated that loud noise leads to stress, which is not good for the cardiovascular system.

Source - Dr. Andrew Weil


  1. it seems that every job has its risks... life is a risky endevour after all...but that's what makes it fun! :) cheers

  2. This doesn't surprise me in the least. At gigs I sometimes find my heart trying to beat to the beat so to speak.