How a blast of sound can speed up healing your wounds

An ultrasound device that fires soundwaves into chronic wounds such as leg ulcers is being used to speed up the ­healing process.

Research shows treating wounds with high-intensity ­ultrasound — which helps to clean the wound of debris — can significantly improve the rate at which they heal. Now, a trial is underway to study this exact rate.

Chronic wounds such as ­diabetic foot ulcers and pressure sores cost the NHS around ­£1 billion a year to treat. A significant number of the people ­suffering from chronic wounds have ­diabetes — one in six people with ­diabetes will develop a non-healing ulcer. There are a number of treatments, from antibiotics to surgery, but in many cases wounds fail to heal for weeks, months, or years. In severe cases, amputation of a limb may be necessary.

Natural wound healing is a complex process involving many different types of cells moving to the area around a new wound within the first few hours. Their jobs include sealing the wound as quickly as possible, halting blood loss and creating a cover to stop infection.

Source - Daily Mail

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