Bedroom chemicals 'raise child's allergy risk by up to 180%'

Children are up to three times more likely to develop conditions like asthma and hayfever due to chemicals found in some wall paints and cleansers.

Researchers from Karlstad University in Sweden found youngsters had up to 180 per cent greater risk of developing allergies if they were exposed to chemicals known as PGEs in their bedrooms.

Study leader Professor Carl-Gustaf Bornehag, said: 'The study shows for the first time that the concentration of PGEs, propylene glycol and glycol ethers, in bedroom air was linked to an increased risk of developing asthma, rhinitis and eczema in children.

'The increase in risk varied between 50 and 180 per cent. It was also found that a higher concentration of PGEs in indoor air was associated with children evincing antibodies (IgE) against allergens such as cats, dogs, pollen.

'Our analyses also revealed that the use of water-based paint in the dwelling, as well as water-based cleansers, was linked to a higher concentration of PGEs in bedroom air.'

The chemicals can also be found in some plastic toys and packaging.

Source - Daily Mail

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