Herbal remedy for digestive disorder

A bloated and upset stomach. Multiple sensitivities and allergies to a large number of foods. Fatigue. Acid reflux. Lethargy. Pains in muscles and joints. Does any of this sound familiar? For nearly 40 years, I struggled to cope with a digestive system that never seemed to work.

Eating out was a nightmare, but not as bad as trying to explain to my wonderful friends that there was virtually nothing they could cook that I could eat. I could never have a glass of wine or a piece of cake without really suffering. A hint of egg yolk would leave me in the bathroom for days (a reaction that wrecked several supposedly romantic weekends). Sometimes I was so exhausted by making my morning cup of tea that I had to lie down before I could drink it.

In my teens, I went to the doctor with what he thought was a regular stomach bug. He prescribed a supposed wonderdrug called Septrin to kill it off. While it had no discernible effect on the bug, it very nearly killed me. My eyes and nails bled, I was ulcerated inside and out. I could not see for days and doctors feared permanent damage to my kidneys. Family was called to the bedside, and I was months recovering and convalescing.

Source - Telegraph

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