Carrots keep you younger

A Hollywood dermatologist argues the water in fruit and veg is better than water in a glass

As a dermatologist, pharmacist and researcher, I have always rooted my practice
in the idea that skin care can lead to overall health. The skin, after all, is a microcosm of the entire body – it reflects what is going on inside.

The key to vibrant health from the inside out lies in maintaining strong cells that can retain water the way younger cells do. If you can repair your cells’ membranes (from brain cells and heart cells to connective tissue and your outermost skin cells) while attracting water and nutrients to them, you can fight ageing and disease.

You can help your body to heal and rejuvenate itself, so you not only look fantastic but you also feel healthier and revitalised. Most people I know accept signs of ageing such as weight gain, fatigue and familial patterns of disease as inevitable. The truth: upwards of 80 per cent of longevity is attributed to lifestyle, not genes.


Contrary to popular belief, you are not 75 to 80 per cent water. You were once – when you were fresh from your mother’s womb. But now you’re closer to 50 per cent water.

Since those early years, internal and external factors have damaged your cells and weakened their ability to retain water. This explains the signs of ageing that
probably emerged in your early 30s: your skin began to become drier, sleep
patterns changed, digestion slowed and your energy wavered.

Source - Daily Mail

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