Parsnips gave me blisters!

A keen gardener has suffered horrendous blisters all over her body after she brushed against parsnip leaves.

Jo Miles, 48, was working in her vegetable patch on a sunny day and took off her shirt in a bid to cool down. Her bare skin then came into contact with the parsnip leaves she was trimming to feed to her pigs. Sap from the vegetable reacted with sunlight causing her skin to inflame.

The mother-of-two initially didn't worry about the small red, itchy weals which formed on her arms, hands and stomach after cutting the leaves last Friday. But two days later they had ballooned into huge, painful blisters.

Jo, from Surlingham, Norfolk, said: 'I woke up on Sunday and everything had blistered up and was getting worse and worse. I called the out-of-hours service on Sunday night as I was sitting there and they were getting sorer and sorer and I could see them getting bigger and bigger.

Mrs Miles added: 'I went to get some tablets and they said I should go to a doctor first thing in the morning. They sent me to the dermatology unit at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

'It was so painful I couldn't move my hand and changing gear in the car was agony.'

Source - Daily Mail

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