Could sitting down be the death of you? Experts reveal all those hours perched on chairs could be having a disastrous effect on our health

As I write this, I am standing up. In fact, I've been answering emails, making phone calls and tapping away at a computer for an hour without sitting. I drank my morning coffee pacing the room.

I own a comfy office chair, but all this standing around - I've been doing it on and off for a week - should do me a power of good. Am I losing my marbles? Not according to the latest research. Sitting is seriously bad for you.

A recent U.S. study found that the more hours you spend sitting, the more your cardiovascular health suffers. Men who sit for 23 hours a week have a 64 per cent greater chance of dying from cardiovascular disease than those who spend only 11 hours sitting. Research published in Circulation, the journal of the American Heart Association, found an 11 per cent increased risk of death from all causes for every extra hour of TV viewing (ie sitting down) a day.

Another study found that sitting increases your chances of dying from any cause. The news was worse for women; those who sat more than six hours a day were 37 per cent more likely to die than those who sat for fewer than three, regardless of physical activity at other times.

Source - Daily Mail

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