Beer’s not to blame for weight gain

With just four ingredients, Britain’s beer is as healthy as it is tasty

Summer’s almost done. And although it hasn’t been a bad one, I seem to have had more than my fair share of rain. Seven days in Portmerion, for example, was seven days of downpour. We began to feel like the Prisoner himself. A week in the Scilly Isles wasn’t much better.

The upside, though, is that I’ve kept my middle-age spread pretty much under wraps. No half naked disporting on the beach for me, frightening the horses. I managed to shed several stone a couple of years ago but, maddeningly, I find that one of them has crept surreptitiously back, partly due to lack of exercise and partly due to diet. put it down to drinking too much beer over the past few weeks, either sheltering in the pub from another Welsh waterspout or watching the World Cup. My old friend Rupert Ponsonby, a founder of the Beer Academy, disagrees.

“There’s no fat in beer and no cholesterol either, and it’s ridiculously low in calories and carbs,” he says. “Your spare tyre is probably due to all those pork scratchings you ate alongside your pint or even due to your breakfast orange juice which, health clubs please note, does contain fat.”

Source - Telegraph


  1. Phew!!
    I'm off to the Stratford right now!

  2. Just stay off the pork scratchings!