Olive oil protects against breast cancer by launching multiple attacks against tumours

A drizzle of olive oil a day could help keep breast cancer at bay.

Research shows that the Mediterranean oil mounts a multi-pronged attack on the tumours, stunting their growth, driving their cells to implode and protecting against potentially-cancerous damage to DNA.

The Spanish scientists, from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, set out to find out why previous studies had linked an olive oil-rich diet, to lower odds of various cancers.

In experiments on rats, they showed that olive oil thwarts a gene that drives the growth of breast tumours. The oil, a cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet, also switched off proteins that cancer cells rely on to stay alive. If that isn't enough, it also protects DNA from damage that can lead to cancer, the journal Carcinogenesis reports.

Source - Daily Mail

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