Homeopathy and Dr James Le Fanu: if this is a witch hunt, help me find my torch

Dr. James Le Fanu's description of a 'witch hunt against homeopathy' echoes comments made by the British Medical Association (BMA)’s deputy chairman, who described homeopathy as ‘witchcraft’ , but is unlikely to play well with witches already offended by the comparison with an “ethically dubious” alternative medicine.

Dr Le Fanu is confused by the sudden interest in attacking homeopathy, after the BMA voted to stop providing it on the NHS, and cites two possible reasons for it. It could, he suggests, be a cunning NHS PR stunt to divert attention from other criticism. Or it could be part of a devilish conspiracy by the medical establishment to seize some prime property in London. As someone involved in these attacks I can offer a third reason, one that seems to have escaped the doctor - ordinary people are fed up with the absurd sight of taxpayers’ money being wasted on magical pills from the 18th century.

Homeopathy claims to work through the following process: when you’re feeling ill, find a substance that causes the same symptoms – so for example if you can’t sleep, then get some coffee. Take your coffee and put it in a cup of water. At this point you just have a cold cup of coffee, but here’s the clever part – take a drop of the coffee, put it in a new cup, and add 100 drops of water to it before giving it a good shake. Then repeat this process about thirty times – popping down to Argos to pick up more cups as needed – until in the end you have a single mug of ‘coffee’ so heavily diluted that there’s probably not a single actual molecule of coffee in it.

Source - Telegraph

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