Cherry juice for insomnia

"Cherry juice could hold the cure to a good night's sleep," according to the Daily Mail. It said that volunteers with insomnia enjoyed more sleep after drinking cherry juice than when they drank other juices.

The story is based on a pilot study of 15 elderly adults with chronic insomnia that found that drinking cherry juice had a small beneficial effect on their sleep patterns. Although well designed and carefully carried out, this pilot study was small and the treatment period was only two weeks. As the authors point out, the alleged effects of cherry juice were so slight that people in the study continued to have significant sleep disturbance. Overall, this study, which was funded by a cherry juice manufacturer, cannot provide any firm evidence that cherry juice can ease insomnia.

People with problems going to sleep or staying asleep are normally advised to adopt good sleep hygiene, such as having a fixed time to go to bed, avoiding caffeine and winding down before going to bed. A number of treatments are available for more severe or persistent problems.

Source - Scotsman

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