Diabetic girl, 6, has life saved four times a WEEK by dog which knows when she needs insulin

Like most children, Rebecca Farrar adores her family's dog - but the six-year-old diabetic has a particularly special reason.

Her young pet Shirley is one of the country's only 'hypo-alert' hounds who SMELLS when Rebecca's blood sugar reaches dangerously low levels. The youngster says her life is 'saved' by the Labrador-golden retriever cross four times a week as she provides early of potential diabetic attacks.

The three-year-old dog can detect a change in scent when Rebecca's blood sugar levels drop dangerously low or high and licks her owner's hand to alert her. Shirley will even drag a sugar-level testing kit to the youngster's side to prevent her from slipping into a coma and sleeps faithfully by her side every night.

She is one of only eight registered 'hypo-alert' dogs in Britain which have the unique ability to sniff out a hypoglycaemic attack.

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