Beware the chair: Hours of sitting down can give you a sluggish metabolism, high blood pressure and diabetes

You may hit the gym at lunchtime or go for a run when you get home. But such efforts will have minimal effect if you spend the rest of your time doing what you are probably doing now - sitting down.

In a glut of new research on the subject, experts are warning that we should 'beware our chair', as spending too long in it can raise the risk of high blood pressure, a sluggish metabolism and weight gain. With the average person sitting down for just under nine hours a day at the office, at home or in the car, even a daily workout is unlikely to offset the risks of being seated for too long.


  1. How about if I fidget in my chair?

  2. I experience just this over the winter. After spending two years walking between teaching jobs every work day, I went to sitting at a computer writing and editing. I saw a couple of inches sneak on around the waste.

    What I'd like to see is suggested ways to combat this effectively. Some folks must sit and work at a computer as part of their profession with little choice. Let's see some ways to mitigate the weight gain.


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