Are your headaches caused by flat feet? Doctors say countless suffer from the problem

Country walks or strolling through Central London used to be Rachel Smith's favourite way of relaxing at weekends.

But then the 37-year-old began to suffer 'wild headaches' that forced her to go home and lie down in a darkened room.

'The headaches would come on almost every weekend,' says Rachel, a senior local government manager. 'I'd take painkillers, but usually the only thing that helped was to lie down. It was very frustrating. I'm young and active, but all I could do was go to bed and wait for the pain to ease.'

It was only when she sought help for a back problem that the unexpected source of both her back pain and headaches was identified: Rachel's feet.

Like one in five adults in the UK, Rachel has flat feet. While most sufferers experience no real problems, Rachel is one of the many thousands who suffer headaches and other problems as a result of the effect that flat feet have on your posture.

Source - Daily Mail

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