'Visionary healer' faces Trading Standards prosecution for cancer cure claims

A self-proclaimed "visionary healer" who claims to be able to treat illness from a distance is facing prosecution by Trading Standards for suggestions that he can cure cancer.

Adrian Pengelly, 43, is accused of violating the Cancer Act 1939, which states that it is illegal to advertise offers to treat cancer. He describes himself on his website as a "visionary healer, energy worker, teacher and psychic" who has "become world-famous for treating people with cancer".

Testimonials posted from clients claim that he has not only lessened the symptons of cancer but in some cases banished the disease itself. Among those he is said to have treated is a three year-old boy suffering from neuroblastoma, a form of childhood cancer. One poster, RS in the West Midlands, wrote that Mr Pengelly helped to shrink a tumour he had in his jaw.

"I am in no doubt that Adrian Pengelly helped me with my cancer," he wrote. "He is a man of high integrity and I have had no hesitation in recommending him to my friends and acquaintances."

Another, IL in Shropshire, wrote: "I was diagnosed August/08 with a 4cm breast cancer tumour. I had weekly healing treatments with Adrian until I was operated on four weeks later. My surgeons report was - the tumour when removed was 2.5cm, with no cancer spread!! I think this result speaks for itself!!"

Source - Telegraph

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