Roll out the magnetic mattress

So Roger Federer has a secret weapon. It stands to reason. Rarely is he injured or below par in fitness despite his rigorous schedule on the tennis tour.

It has been suggested widely on the web – though not by any medical practitioner - that one element that contributes to Federer’s supreme physical condition is his alleged use of bio-electric-magnetic technology. He is said to be one of a number of athletes and sports teams that carry a portable pulsed magnetic therapy unit on tour. According to Bemer, who make the unit, and sporting professionals such as Karin Mobes, Federer’s Swiss compatriot and world winter triathlon champion, it enhances performance, aids faster regeneration and helps to prevent injuries.

Bemer stands for bio-electric-magnetic-energy-regulation and is a completely non-invasive alternative treatment for a whole host of injuries and ailments from arthritis to psoriasis. The technology is licensed in Germany and manufactured in Lichtenstein.

It works like this: the Bemer interacts with and boosts the energy in every cell in your body simultaneously. Exposure to the magnetic field improves the blood flow and raises oxygen levels in the blood thereby relaxing the muscles and speeding up the healing process. Its makers make a number of other claims for it on their website, including strengthening the immune system through increased T-cell release, stress relief and faster post-operative and sporting injury recovery.

Source - Times

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