Boy, 8, whose hip condition stopped him from walking makes dramatic recovery... after taking up snowboarding

He's a little young to feature at the Winter Olympics right now, but snowboard prodigy Thomas Robinson could one day be representing his country against the best in the world.

The eight-year-old took up the sport to help tackle a severe hip disorder which made it difficult for him to walk without falling over. His mother booked a course of lessons in the hope that it would improve his movement and strengthen his legs, and six months later his progress has been dramatic.

As well as getting about more easily, he has already won medals in national competitions for his age group and has been invited to race in France later this month.

His mother Lynda, 37, said: 'We cannot believe how well Thomas has done given that he used to find it very difficult to walk. His walking is so much better now. He's falling over much less. He's also much more confident in himself, he's top of the class at school now.'

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