Nutmeg spray numbs nerve pain

A spray containing nutmeg could ease a painful condition caused by diabetes.

Applied three times a day, scientists believe it will relieve diabetic neuropathy, where the nerves become damaged by too much sugar in the blood. The condition affects up to 70 per cent of diabetics and symptoms include a burning sensation, pain or tingling in the limbs.

Painkillers are one of the main treatments, but some cannot be taken for prolonged periods as they can cause stomach ulcers.

In a clinical trial at the University of the West Indies, patients will use the spray on the affected part of their body for at least four weeks.

The trial follows earlier research that found the spice appears to have strong anti-inflammatory effects. One study showed that the nutmeg extract reduced levels of compounds called prostaglandins, which play a key part in the inflammation process.

Source - Daily Mail

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