Lose weight without losing the will to live

A few simple rules can help you lose weight and stick to a diet that's high on nourishment and low on misery.

I have been on some truly embarrassing diets. From the moment my flat places became curves I have tried to melt them away with the help of a series of fads. I have "food combined" with Dr Scarsdale and nearly bankrupted myself buying tropical fruit for the Beverly Hills regime.

I have farted my way through a week of cabbage soup, existed exclusively on tomatoes, gagged on miracle milkshakes and even taken a mysterious jab in the buttock from a sleazy Harley Street medic. Thanks to Dr Atkins and his unappetising low-carb meat diet, I have even experienced the metabolic processes of a hyena, not least carbon-copied a hound's halitosis.

The good news is I have not been on a crazy diet for more than a decade, yet I have lost weight in dramatic style. I have given nothing up. I have not eaten my last croissant, drunk a final goblet of Tariquet or ordered the ultimate crème brûlée in a restaurant.

However, I have gone through periods when I have taken a "holiday" from the things I love, but I always know we will see each other later, so to speak. Respect for good food and understanding exactly how it nourishes is the key to a diet that is low on misery. Weighing scales are tyranny. I never weigh myself, measuring loss of inches by dress size.

Source - Telegraph

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