How a daily walk wards off prostate cancer AND can keep colds at bay

A daily walk lowers the risk of prostate cancer, say researchers reporting in the latest issue of the journal Urology.

Men who walked around three to six hours a week were two-thirds less likely to be diagnosed with the disease than couch potato counterparts. Men who did one to three hours a week were also 86 per cent less likely to have an aggressive, fast-growing tumour, the study found.

Previous research has shown exercise lowers blood levels of testosterone and other hormones linked to the growth of prostate tumours. Activity is also known to boost the immune system and reduce the risk of cancer.

Researchers at the American College of Sports Medicine found that people who exercise for at least 45 minutes for four days a week take up to 50 per cent less time off sick during winter. Professor David Nieman, an exercise physiologist at Appalachian State University in North Carolina, says: 'The reduction in winter illness from exercise far exceeds anything a drug or pill can offer and walking is the best thing you can do. Exercising when you have a cold can help you fight it off faster. '

But Professor Nieman warns: If you have chesty, flu-like symptoms, take a couple of weeks off the exercise.

Source - Daily Mail

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