Vitamin pills a waste of money? Not if you're over 60, they're not!

Most people don't need to take supplements, it was reported last week.

We get enough vitamins and minerals from our diet, said Professor Brian Ratcliffe, a former government adviser on nutrition, so buying supplements is simply a waste of money.

But there are some people who could benefit - the over-60s.

'Retirement, the death of a partner, apathy and sometimes immobility can combine with the fact that your body's absorptive capacity drops off with age,' explains Susan Fairweather-Tait, professor of Mineral Metabolism at the University of East Anglia.

'The result is that unless you are eating very high-quality food, you could become nutritionally deficient as you get older.'

Here Professor Fairweather-Tait outlines certain vitamins that older people can lack. If you suspect your diet or absorptive abilities aren't as good as they should be, a good broad-spectrum multivitamin and mineral would be a safe option.

But if you feel you need individual supplements, always consult your GP or a nutritionist from the Nutrition Society - especially as some vitamins can interact with medication and other supplements.

Source - Daily Mail

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