Now it IS safe for your child to use a mobile: After years of warnings, official leaflet drops safety guidance

Plans to give the green light for children to use mobile phones despite cancer fears have angered health campaigners.

The draft of a new advisory leaflet for parents by the Department of Health removes safety advice to impose strict limits on youngsters' use of the handsets. It goes on to suggest that heating to the head caused by using a mobile is no more harmful than a hot bath.

However campaigners insist there is good evidence that using mobile phones increases the risk of brain tumours in both children and adults.

One study published in March said children with mobiles are five times more likely than others to develop such a cancer in later life. The current official advice from the Department of Health says that mobile phone use affects brain activity and admits to 'significant gaps' in scientific knowledge about the health effects. It highlights the fact that the head and nervous system are still developing into the teenage years with the result that children and young people 'might be more vulnerable' than adults. Consequently, it warns parents: 'The widespread use of mobile phones by children (under the age of 16) should be discouraged for non-essential calls.'

However, the draft of the new safety leaflet seen by the Daily Mail, removes all this safety advice and makes clear that no extra precautions need to be taken by children. It says: 'There is currently no scientific or biological evidence that radio waves cause cancer.' The change in the advice is expected to lead to a marketing blitz aimed at children by mobile phone manufacturers.

Source - Daily Mail

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