Are scare stories bad for our health?

Anxious about additives? Fretting about fats? Relax – the facts behind those modern medical myths will make you feel a whole lot better.

Are you a cowering, diet- obsessed wreck, meticulously measuring your carbs and counting out individual salt granules on to your plate? Headlines like "Fat Britain: tackling the obesity epidemic", and "Food additives murdered my horse" (OK, we made the second one up) can't help to steady your stress levels.

There are so many health scare stories these days that it's all too easy to feel that our modern lifestyles are a sure-fire route to an early grave. However, two seasoned physicians are keen to counter this idea. Global Warming and Other Bollocks is a book put together by professors Stanley Feldman and Vincent Marks in the hope of blasting away various media scare stories (or in some places, received scientific wisdom). These include dietary misconceptions about salt, carbohydrate and junk-food intake. They are all areas of intense scientific debate, with a wide variety of opinions; screaming out of left-field, the pair hope not so much to reposition scientific consensus as to inject a much-needed tonic of common sense into the debate.

"We did it because we were fed up with people appearing to know too much and being overcome by dogma, which is just meaningless," says Marks. "I have always adhered to an axiom which is that when we all know something, it is probably wrong." With that in mind, we line up a gang of "monster myths" and let our pair of professors put the other side.

Source - Independent

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