Miracle of the girl with two hearts

For 10 years, Hannah Clark was known as the girl with two hearts. She was barely a year old when her parents rushed her to hospital because the tiny heart she had been born with simply wasn't strong enough to pump blood around her body.

Faced with certain death, doctors were forced to perform a life-saving transplant when she was aged two. But instead of removing the sick heart altogether, they grafted a donor heart on to her own one, allowing the weaker organ to rest and rebuild inside her body. Life became a constant struggle as Hannah's immune system slowly began to reject her transplant.

But yesterday, in her first public appearance, the healthy 16-year-old from Mountain Ash, South Wales, spoke of her delight at being given her original heart back after becoming the first person in Britain to have an organ transplant reversed.

Source - Independent

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  1. I have out this into the blog because I will be very interested to see how this line of research and procedure develops.
    My fear is that it will mean many people getting 'piggy back' hearts -(no pun intended!)
    Instead, we should be investigating and wondering about the hearts ability to heal itself!!