Shock of grandmother's death restores sight of teenage girl blinded in windsurfing accident

A blind teenage windsurfer has had her sight restored - by the trauma of her grandmother's death.

Charly Sissons went blind from shock after a windsurfing accident last summer triggered a repressed memory of her being bullied and held underwater when she was a child. But this year, her grandmother Dorothy's death restored the 15-year-old's sight. Charly said: 'It was amazing. I was crying over Nan dying, and then I was crying tears of joy that I could see again.'

Charly was plunged into a world of darkness last August after she was trapped under her board while windsurfing. The accident triggered memories of being bullied when she was four years old when another girl held her underwater during a swimming lesson.

She said: 'The details of who did it and what happened after are hazy, but I have vivid memories of thinking I was going to die. When I was out windsurfing last year, I suddenly lost it and fell into the water. The board was on top of me and I was tangled underneath the sail. For a few seconds, I panicked. All of a sudden I suffered a flashback to being four years old.'

The next day her eyesight started to fail. She said: 'It was as if I was looking through two black rings. I was very frightened.' Days later, she had lost all the sight in her right eye and could only make out fuzzy shapes in her other.

Her mother Gill, 53, drove her straight to the nearest accident and emergency unit where she immediately referred to a specialist eye clinic.

The next day. Charly went totally blind.

Source - Daily Mail

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  1. Yet another example of how ihe mind can and does influence the body.