Gossip is good for you: Women who chat regularly are happier and healthier

Their menfolk might argue that the last thing women need is another reason to gossip. But it actually makes them healthier, scientists claim.

Research shows gossiping boosts levels of progesterone, a hormone which reduces anxiety and stress. It also plays an important part in social bonding, making women happier.

Researchers at the University of Michigan put 160 female students in pairs, and half were given questions to ask each other designed to bring them closer together. These included 'Given the choice of anyone in the world, who would you want as a dinner guest?' and 'What has been your greatest accomplishment?' The remaining pairs were asked to proof-read a research paper on botany.

After 20 minutes, the students who got to know each other through 'chatty' questions saw progesterone levels stay the same or increase. But in the other group, progesterone declined.

Professor Stephanie Brown, who led the research, which was published in the journal Hormones and Behaviour, said: 'Many of the hormones involved in bonding and helping behaviour lead to reductions in stress and anxiety.'

Source - Daily Mail


  1. This is really a great and unique article. I think this the reason why I am healthier then my husband. I love chatting as it really help me to reduce my tension and keep me cool and relax.

  2. Well as Bob Hoskins would say, "It's good to talk". :-)