Doctors condemn homeopathic treatments for Aids and malaria

Homeopathic treatments continue to be sold as treatments for HIV/Aids, malaria and other serious diseases, despite containing no active ingredients, doctors and medical researchers say.

Campaigners want the World Health Organisation (WHO) to publicly condemn the “highly unethical” use of the treatments, which they say give patients false hope and put lives at risk.

The Voice of Young Science Network, an association of young doctors and scientists, called on the WHO to act amid fears that vulnerable patients are dying after turning to homeopathic preparations for HIV, tuberculosis (TB), malaria, influenza and infant diarrhoea, instead of medicines which are proven to be effective.

In an open letter to the WHO today, the researchers — many of whom have worked in developing countries — urge the UN’s health body to make clear that homeopathy cannot prevent or treat these five conditions.

Source - Times


  1. Which essentially deflates a popular conspiracist claim here in the "morally superior" United States (especially so among right-wing extremists such as James "Bo" Gritz, onetime third-party Presidential candidate) suggesting that the Medical Establishment is spiking information on homeopathic treatments for Loathsome Diseases "to protect wasteful and unnecessary research" involving more conventional Materia Medica therefor....

  2. I sometimes think that homeopathic treatments are promoted simply to stop people panicking. Worried about Alzheimer? Eat chocolate. Lovely.