The rock and roll of natural therapy

Similar to shiatsu and energy healing techniques, seiki is great for lowering stress levels and reducing backache.

Seiki is the rock and roll of natural therapy. This "anything goes" treatment isn't hung up on stringent diets or exercise regimes and wouldn't dream of asking you to give up anything, except your stress and pain (and even then, only if you are ready to let it go).

''People already put so much pressure on themselves,'' says practitioner Margot Gordon, who has treated a host of Hollywood stars. ''The last thing you need is a therapy that puts on even more pressure and causes more stress, yet so many treatments are all about giving up this or not doing that.''

Seiki, frankly, couldn't care less. If you want to drink a bottle of Beaujolais a night that's cool (though people often find that, after a series of treatments, their senses become so acute that they automatically eat and drink well).

Seiki originated from a Japanese shiatsu practitioner, Akinobu Kishi. He felt that shiatsu was too controlling – it sought to change the person's body, whether it wanted to be changed or not. His solution was to learn by precise observation exactly what the client's body wanted him to do.

Source - Telegraph

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