The magnet that draws poison from your blood

A magnetic device that draws dangerous bacteria out of the blood could be a revolutionary new treatment for blood poisoning.

It works by pulling harmful organisms from infected blood that has been extracted from the body. Once filtered, the 'clean' blood can be pumped back into the system.Tests suggest just a few hours of treatment could be enough to flush out 80 per cent of bacteria from a patient's bloodstream.

The experimental treatment, developed in the U.S. at The Children's Hospital in Boston, is still being tested. But it's hoped it could one day reduce the UK's death toll from blood poisoning - or sepsis - which stands at around 30,000 a year.

Sepsis kills around half its victims, often within just a few hours. It develops with considerable speed when germs get into the body through wounds in the skin or infections in the ears, lungs or urinary tract.Those most affected are usually the very young, sick or elderly, whose defences may not be up to fighting off bacterial invasion.

Source - Daily Mail

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