How apples can help you lose weight

Eating an apple a quarter of an hour before a meal could help dieters lose weight.

A U.S. study, published in the journal Appetite, found people ate 15 per cent fewer calories after having an apple. A recent study warned one in three adults in the UK will be obese by 2012.

Dietitians usually recommend lowcalorie foods and regular exercise as the first line of attack against obesity - but it is estimated that around 80 per cent of severely obese patients fail to achieve their target weight by changing eating habits and lifestyle.

In the study, volunteers were split into two groups. Half ate an apple or drank apple juice before a meal every day for five weeks, while the rest had just the meal.

Although eating apples cut calorie intake, drinking apple juice made no difference. The researchers suggested this is because the whole fruit contains fibrous 'bulk', which reduces appetite.

Source - Daily Mail

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