As research shows mouthwash contains TWICE the alcohol of wine, could you be gargling your way to cancer?

A glug of mouthwash is the best way to sweeten breath in the morning - well, that's what the Brits who spend £156million a year on it hope.

And more are joining their ranks: Sales rose by nearly 10 per cent last year, according to market research company IRI. But are mouthwashes as effective, or as healthy, as they seem?

Earlier this month, one well-known manufacturer was forced to recall thousands of bottles after they were found to have 'microbiological problems' that could cause chest infections. While investigations revealed this was related to a production rather than ingredient problem, it came hot on the heels of another, more worrying, revelation - that some mouthwashes may increase the risk of oral cancer.

According to a report published in January in the Dental Journal of Australia, there was 'sufficient evidence' linking breath-freshening products containing alcohol with a higher risk of the disease.

Source - Daily Mail

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