Hot chilli can ease painful shingles

Chilli peppers help shingles

A patch based on hot chilli peppers can zap the pain of shingles.

The skin patch contains a high concentration of a man-made version of capsaicin, which gives chilli its heat. Patients who wore it showed a 33 per cent reduction in pain compared with four per cent in those with a placebo in a trial at the University of Wisconsin.

Shingles is a painful infection of the nerves and skin around them. It is caused by a virus, which also causes chickenpox. Treatment usually includes repeated doses of antiviral medication or painkillers. However, just one application of the new patch, known as NGX-4010, may provide three months of constant pain relief.

Capsaicin it thought to reduce levels of a compound known as substance P in nerves. Substance P is associated with the transmission of painful messages.

Source - Daily Mail

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