A glass of red wine? It's the drink to help you think

It's the perfect excuse to have another glass of Chianti - research has shown that drinking red wine helps you think.

Men and women did better in mental arithmetic tests after being given resveratrol, the 'wonder ingredient' in red wine. It is thought that the plant chemical - said to have abilities from burning off junk food to warding off heart disease - increases blood flow to the brain.

Northumbria University researchers set 24 healthy adults a series of tests before giving them a resveratrol pill or a dummy tablet. When they were tested again, those that had taken resveratrol performed better, the British Psychological Society's annual conference will hear today.

Other tests confirmed that the drug, which is found in grape skins as well as raspberries, blueberries, cranberries and peanuts, widened blood vessels, boosting the brain's blood supply. Researcher Emma Wightman said: 'It is interesting that a component you come across in many everyday foods can have a positive effect on brain function.'

Source - BBC


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