The healthy seed snacks that harbour killer bugs

Health-conscious shoppers who opt for ready-to-eat seeds could be putting themselves at risk of food poisoning.

A small proportion of the snacks have been found to be contaminated with salmonella or E.coli, which can pose a particular threat to the elderly. The Health Protection Agency said it was a 'serious' concern. Unlike other foods that can harbour germs, such as chicken, seeds are uncooked and therefore the bugs are not killed off before they are eaten. Experts from local councils and the HPA examined 3,735 packets of seeds between October 2007 and March last year. Twenty-two were unsafe because of salmonella contamination and 56 contained 'unsatisfactory' levels of E.coli.

The figures suggest that one in every 50 people who eats one of the products tested could fall ill.

Source - Daily Mail

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