Drinking just one glass of wine a day can INCREASE risk of cancer by 168%, finds shock new study

Drinking even a single glass of wine a day can increase the risk of cancer by 168 per cent, a shocking new French study has found.

Researchers in Paris have destroyed the myth that drinking moderate amounts of red wine can be good for the health. Instead, experts at the country's National Cancer Institute have warned that even repeated small doses of alcohol can massively increase the risk of getting cancer. The Institute's president Dominique Maraninchi said: 'Small daily doses of alcohol are the most harmful. There is no amount, however small, which is good for you.'

Even drinking one unit of alcohol per day - a glass of wine, half a pint of beer or a single measure of spirits - can send the risk of mouth or throat cancer soaring by a massive 168 per cent. It can also raise the risk of colonic cancer by nine per cent.

The study said alcohol was now the second most avoidable cause of death after tobacco. The findings contradict numerous other studies which have found that the antioxidants in red wine actually reduced the risk of cancer, and that a single glass a day was also good for the liver.

Source - Daily Mail

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